The Nostalgisch Verzet


- The Nostalgisch Verzet (nostalgic resistance) is a group of musicians and artists teaming up with violinist Jan Bercu, a freelancer pur sang, who doesn’t confine himself to one style of music and who, above all, likes cooperating with passionate and fascinating persons across musical styles. The Nostalgisch Verzet offers opposition to unemotional musicians and musical snobs, people who believe music is something to be approached scientifically first, and which only in the last resort should move the heart.

- You may wish to contact us and share your ideas with us; we will guide you to find the right concept accordingly: perform at receptions, weddings, funerals, concerts, CD and film recordings. Perhaps you want a special gift for an anniversary or you want to surprise your loved one on Valentine?

- You may wish to choose from a number of set formations:

- Moreover you can decide which style you like best: classical music, popular classics, musical, chanson, the twenties, thirties, …the eighties, romantic, passionate, tango, kletzmer, …or perhaps a mix?

- We also offer a programme based on the theme Passion and Romanticism, which combines music and texts by: Beethoven, Monty, Cesar Franck, Arvo Pärt, Paul Van Ostayen, Herman De Coninck, Edna St. Vincent Millay, W.H. Auden, … This program ( cast: violin, piano, actor) is very suitable for home concerts, cultural centres.


Whether you play at elementary or advanced level, it is always interesting to be instructed by an experienced musician.